Blossom Law joins QualitySolicitors partner firm network

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October 27, 2022

In August 2022, Blossom Law became part of the QualitySolicitors Partner Firm Network.

QualitySolicitors offers law firms a greater level of opportunity for growth and stability through:

  • New business generation
  • Bespoke marketing support
  • Technological innovations
  • Business operations & cost efficiencies

Their proven model affords each of their partner firms the freedom to conduct their business as usual, while drawing on a central portfolio of resources covering business operations, lead generation, bespoke marketing strategies and innovative technology.

Speaking of the partnership, Senior Partner Oye Edokpolor, says: “As we continue to grow and blossom, we are focussed on remaining a formidable force in the legal services market and I feel QS are able to support us with that.”